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Faith is our sense of knowing God. People come to Faith at all kinds of times and in all kinds of ways, and not necessarily in a straight line or in a lightbulb moment that flashes all at once. It can be picked up in an encounter with a person of strong faith, or during times of change that open us up to new and unconsidered possibilities.

God is reaching out to us, always and everywhere. There are so many possible responses to God's calling: questions or wondering, a big Yes, or running away as fast as we can. But, our reponse can not make God's invitation go away. Throughout our lives we will continue to have moments of wonder and our search for meaning can feel relentless. In these moments, God is still beckoning us to Faith.

Faith is our response to God wanting to be known by us.  

A Community of Faith

A defining part of our Catholic Faith is that it isn’t an individual thing; it’s not about just 'me and God'. The call to come to know God is also the call to community. When Jesus said "follow me" to the disciples, it meant joining a growing crowd of people who also followed him.

The call to Faith is the call to become part of a community with all the complications, mess and joy that comes with that. Becoming a Catholic isn’t simply about believing certain things, but about becoming a part of this community that is Christ’s body.

We say together We Believe.

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