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Talk to us

You are always welcome to contact us.

There are many ways you can learn about Catholicism. Our goal is to produce articles and resources that pick up on the enquiries we receive.

However, the best way to often clarify any questions you may have about faith, spirituality, Jesus or the Catholic Church is to have a chat. We are here to support you and are more than happy to make time to discuss different topics with you.

People reach out to us because they want to find something that is missing in their lives or to seek answers on different options.

You might just want to say hello and let us know where you are at in your journey. Or maybe you might want to be introduced to Catholics who live near you so you can take the first actual steps to joining our community.

We would love to talk to or correspond with you. Feel free to phone, email or DM us on Facebook. It would be great to hear from you.