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This Sunday

Catholic reflections on the readings of Sunday Mass 

Please note that this section of our website will be discontinued and replaced by a blog in the coming weeks. Please enjoy our previous reflections in the meantime. 


Recent Reflections


Get yourself a God Box

I decided to do the reflection a little differently this week. I pray you enjoy the video and get yourself a God Box!

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Some Tough Love

If I think back to my girlhood at school, those of us who were boarders were tight like a family.  If any of us got too big for our boots, there would soon be an intervention. Boarding school has tough love aplenty.

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God's Way

In today's Gospel, Jesus is telling us that we must do God’s will to be a disciple. It is counter-intuitive to say the least, to hand control over to God. Yet an important part of being a Christian is to trust that God has your back.

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