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God will listen

(Ex 17.8-13; 2 Tm 3.14-4.2; Lk 18.1-8)

Today's Lucan parable is full of delicious contrasts and contradictions. First there is the tyrannical judge, used to having his own way, and most likely to receiving backhanders and bribes. Then there is the widow, grimly determined, not afraid of anyone. How different too their situations; the judge free of any legal constraints, the widow powerless, not even able to give evidence or testimony under Jewish law.

Nevertheless, he wants to avoid public acrimony and even the threat of a smack in the face. It sounds that he is prepared to give in simply to avoid such a fracas.

This scenario is so different from the picture of Jesus that Luke paints in his gospel. He listens, he shows huge compassion for widows, he leans down to help the needy.

If that is how Jesus is, it is because he is the image (icon) of his heavenly Father. So God will listen to my grief and pleas. Even if the result is not exactly as I dreamed, we know that behind it lies a well of compassion and love for each of us in our struggles.

Source: 29th Sunday year C1

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