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Doubting Thomas

Thank you, doubting Thomas. Again, one of the disciples makes us feel a little bit better about ourselves. It is reassuring how human the disciples are, how flawed and occasionally weak. Their imperfections teach us many important lessons about faith. 

Yet, how fortunate is Thomas to be in that privileged time and place where he can see, speak with, and even touch the risen Christ. When we doubt, there is no such tangible confirmation of the resurrection for us. Instead, we must rely upon our faith, scripture and the radical belief shown by the disciples.  

They bravely they went into the world to preach after the resurrection, and their commitment to evangelisation, telling everyone who would listen about the resurrection despite it being potentially dangerous for them, speaks of the strength of their faith. Their change in behaviour after the Easter story is counted as proof of the resurrection and the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth by many.  

If you close your eyes and place yourself in that room where Jesus appeared to his followers, where are you seated? Are you one of the disciples who had seen him previously, and knew the resurrection to be true, or are you Thomas, reaching for the wounds of Christ? What would you learn about yourself, and about your faith that day? 

This Sunday' Readings: Acts 2 42-47     Psalm 17    1 Peter 1:3-9    John 20:19-31

Source: Second Sunday of Easter

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