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God Wants to Speak to You

The sky speaks

Have you ever felt the enormity of the world? I recall standing in a mountain valley in Fiordland on a winter’s night. The air was so clear, so cold, that the stars seemed to wrap me in a blanket of light. I staggered under the weight of the universe but realised, too, that I could hold that immensity in my one small brain. I could embrace the universe; it could not embrace me. 

God also speaks

In many ways God may seem like the universe: vast and incomprehensible. Why should the God who created such immensity spare any thought for me, one who is just a moment’s flickering awareness in an endless ocean of being? The answer is that God is personal, and no matter how great the gap between them, people can speak face to face.

Central to Christianity is the belief that God has spoken face to face with us in Jesus Christ. In one word – Jesus – God has communicated so much to us. He has assured us that the human capacity to understand and reach out in love is a genuine reflection of the inner life of God. Yet he has also shown us that we are flawed images – that our egotism, our fear and rejection of one another is a cracked image in a distorted mirror.

When we look up to the heavens they can speak to us of our tininess but also of our uniqueness, if we will listen. The mountains, the sea and all the beauty God created for us on earth will speak to us.

Similarly, if we look to Christ and listen to his words he will assure us that, though we may seem insignificant, we are of immense importance to God. We are so important, in fact, that God took on a human face and voice so he could speak to us person to person.

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