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God's Gift is Love

(Acts 15.1-2,22-29; Rev 21.10-14,22-23; Jn 14.23-29)

In one sense Jesus has departed, but in other ways his presence is entwined in the roots of our lives. We recall today in a special way the promise of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit living in us shines out as peace, like a tiny everlasting battery lodged in our heart, radiating light and love. The Spirit is a dynamo, whose fuel is love.

Our readings today witness to the way in which the Spirit brings peace. It shows us how to work decisively and constructively in the face of conflict. (Acts 15.22) It does not come to impose burdens – to implant seeds of doubt, self-depreciation and guilt. (Acts 15.28) 

Because the Spirit dwells deep in us, it permits us to stand forth as a city, a shining citadel of light to others. (Rev 21.11)

The Spirit is also a teacher. It draws on images, memories and stories that portray and explain the action of God in the world and in our own personal history. (Jn 14.24-25) It reminds us that God’s greatest gift is love, and that such love is the seedbed of unquenchable peace.

Source: 6th Sunday Easter year C1

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