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God's Way

In today's Gospel, Jesus is telling us that we must do God’s will to be a disciple. It is counter-intuitive to say the least, to hand control over to God. Yet an important part of being a Christian is to trust that God has your back.

We are reminded of this whenever we say the Lord’s Prayer “Your will be done.” 

Many of us wear a cross as jewellery to remind us of this passage in the Gospel narrative, and thereby literally take up a cross. However, the Cross is a powerful symbol, and it is the symbolism that we should consider when we read this passage from Matthew.  

Because of the language, it is easy to think of carrying our Cross as a burden, but within the symbol of the Cross, because of the events of the first Easter, is our freedom, our salvation, and holds the glorious love that God has for His children.  

Today's Readings: Jeremiah 20:7-9     Psalm 62     Romans 12:1-2    Matthew 16:21-27

Source: Twenty-second Sunday of Ordinary Time

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