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Harden Not Your Heart

The Samaritan woman was simply going about her business, heading to a well to fetch water, on the day Jesus spoke to her. When he said, “Give me a drink,” she could not have known that the Son of God was talking to her.  

Does she sense that this was no ordinary man? Perhaps, as their conversation quickly becomes metaphorical, and deeply important. We see that she recognises him as a prophet; she may have already heard about Jesus before meeting him at the well. Then, Jesus reveals his identity to her in a way that seems so familiar, it is almost intimate.  

She hears his voice when she least expects it, states that she wants the water he is offering, and her life changes in an instant.  

Whenever I read about Jesus connecting with people who do not feel worthy, it moves me. It is a reminder that everyone is welcome to receive Christ’s grace and mercy. Including me. Including you. 

In the Gospel, we are told “Jews, in fact, do not associate with Samaritans.” Yet here he is, deep in conversation with her. There is no one that Jesus would not invite to follow him, to drink from his well, and recieve the gift of eternal life.  

No matter who we are, or where we are in our journey, Jesus wants to nourish us. He wants to quench our thirst and look after us. All we have to do is hear his voice and accept the invitation.  

“If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” Psalm 94 

Source: 3rd Sunday of Lent

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