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How much have we advanced?

Our planet and our civilization are moving from an era of self-satisfaction and complacency to one of self-doubt and questioning. 

Scientific knowledge and the technology to which it has given birth, once considered invincible, shows cracks and fault-lines. 

The planks on which our model of the universe such as the big bang, the uniformity of the cosmos and dark energy, can no longer hold up the edifice we constructed on them. 

The power of technology has also faltered in the face of the onslaught of the Covid pandemic. 

Technology itself is being seen more and more as the engine driving the climate change that could end human domination of the Earth. 

The tide of stress and psychological unease generated by Covid is whipping up an immense surge of mental distress world wide.

Such a time is the right time to embrace once more the wisdom of Christian faith, not because it fills the gaps, but rather because it offers light to the mind and joy to the heart, and provides a powerful and hopeful portrait of the meaning of human life and death and a solution to the age-old question, why does anything exist?

Source: Catholic Discovery