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Jesus's Relevance for our Age

So many of the questions that Jesus posed are still just as pressing as they ever were: how can we encounter God? What brings true happiness? Why do we suffer? 

His stories are like gleaming pools in a gentle stream. They stop us in our tracks, making us ask questions such as, how real is my virtue? Do I truly love others or do my own needs shape my relationships? As we keep on reflecting on these stories we find that we cease interpreting them but rather they begin to interpret us.

It is amazing that over two thousand years have passed since Jesus preached his sermons and told his stories. Yet, every word holds true today. His teaching was for evey single one of us, without exception, and will be as relevant for our grandchildren as they were for the people fortunate to be there and see him with their own eyes. 

There are still the vulnerable to look after, and the poor to feed. There are still oppressed members of society who need acceptance and love. There are refugees to care for, the young to teach. All of us can learn form the parables and stories Jesus told. 

Source: Catholic Discovery