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The Empty Tomb

The suffering of Jesus on the cross is heartbreaking. To watch him die is a terrible thing.  

Then follows the silence of death. They lay him in a tomb. They place linen over him, to cover him. There are tears and pain and loss. There must be doubt.

Mary maintains her vigil outside his tomb. The younger Mary keeps her company. When are they planning to let him go, and return to their homes?

On the third day, the morning light reveals the empty tomb. Mary looks for his body, and sees the linen put to one side. Where is he? Her heart pounding, she runs to fetch others.

It is soon apparent that Jesus has risen from the dead. In this baptism of death and resurrection, the nature of God is changed and renewed, and nothing is, nor ever will be, the same again.

How do we meet the risen Christ? Where do we find him and how do we recognise him? Like Mary, I find myself yearning for him.

He will reveal himself in time.

This morning, all we have is the salvation found in an empty tomb and the hope folded in abandoned linen.

Source: The Readings of Easter Sunday

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