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The Right Love

(Is 43.16-21; Phil 3.8-14; Jn 8.1-11)

I recall a very bright Chinese scholar showing me one of the earliest recorded pieces of writing. Written nearly two decades before Christ it was a love letter from a soldier on the great wall telling his beloved how much he missed her. 

Some things never change. Sadly, nor have distorted and poisoned versions of love and desire, nor men’s exploitation and brutality towards women.

When Jesus is confronted with the adulterous woman dragged before him, he shows no interest in circumstances or motives. Instead he hones in on the hypocrisy of her accusers. 

We do not know what he doodled in the sand before him; whatever it was, it highlighted their lust and their hidden sexual sins.

Here in New Zealand we have one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the OECD nations. 

Physical, emotional and sexual violence is a hidden virus debilitating our homes and families. This is so sad in a land that prides itself on the strength and independence of our women, the first to win the right to vote.

In workplaces, schools and homes, respect and acceptance of female rights and equality must be paramount. Even more, those of us who are Christian must ponder Paul’s words about the absolute priority of Christ’s love. (Phil 3.8-9) 

If we recognise him within us, we must also see him in the partner who has become one body with us.

Source: 5th Sunday of Lent year C

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