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Walking With Jesus

In today’s Gospel, we encounter the famous story of what happened on the road to Emmaus. As they journey along the road, two disciples find themselves walking with a stranger. They describe to him the events of Jesus's death and the recent disappearance of his body from the tomb. It's exciting news and they are keen to share it. Strangely, they do not realise that the stranger is the person they are talking about. Only when Jesus sits with them and breaks bread much later, a clear reference to the Eucharist, do they finally see him for who he truly is. 

As always, there are many lessons we can learn from this passage in the Bible. For me, I’ve been thinking about the titles we give to Jesus a lot lately. There are so many – Shepherd, Teacher, Lamb, The Word, Lord, King, Son – too many to list here. They are scattered throughout the Bible like seeds. Individuals may gravitate to one or two in their lives, and or the titles we use may change over time.

In these titles we are looking for Jesus, trying to identify who he is, and what his role is in our lives. However, this story reminds me that we don’t have to overthink it. 

He is right in front of you.

Readings for today   Acts 2:14,22-33    Psalm 15    1Peter 1:17-21      Luke 24:13-35

Source: Third Sunday of Easter

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