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What is Faith?

Faith is our belief in God. More than this, it is a gift from God. It is the foundation of living a life as a Christian, and opening our hearts to receiving the love Jesus has for each and every one of us. This means that it is a human action made possible by a belief in God, and it will set you free.  

In some way, God has let you know that he exists, and faith is your response to that knowledge. Through our Catholic faith, we accept Jesus as our saviour and Lord, and that is an incredibly liberating and uplifting surrender. We can reach for God in tough times and find consolation within our faith in him.  

We are part of this natural world, and yet faith leads us to recognise the supernatural nature of God. We become aware of grace and miracles. We experience the warmth of the Holy Spirit. We find the ability to pray and, sometimes, we find that our prayers are answered.  

Because faith is a human act, or decision, we need to ask God to help us with our faith; to strengthen or deepen it. The challenging part of faith is that we must let go of control of our lives to have faith. In scripture we read that to live in faith is to have a childlike trust in Jesus Christ.  

“For you are all children of God through faith in Jesus Christ.” Galatians 3:26